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MWM Returns to Qatar

Qatari students to experience materials science again through MWM

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Controlled Drug Delivery: Release from Alginate Beads

This interactive applet illustrates the mechanisms of dissolution rate and chemical release from alginate beads in water, which can be…

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How a Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Works

In this game, students are hired by the Superscaler Manufacturing Company in the Nanoscale Division to design Solar Cells. 

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MWM NanoScale Drug Delivery FEATURE GAME Nano Bomber

The NanoScale Drug Delivery game aims to teach students how nanotechnology is revolutionizing the approach to drug delivery and diagnostics.

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NanoEd Resources of the NCLT is a dynamic repository for information dissemination, research and collaborations among the community of nanoscale…

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Sullivan University College of Pharmacy to host Second Annual Nanotechnology Symposium

NCLT researchers presented workshops at the Second Annual Nanotechnology Symposium held at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy, Louisville, Kentucky. 

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Higher Education in NSE - Symposium at SUNY

Workshop archive: Symposium on Advances in Higher Education in Nanoscale Science & Engineering held August 5 through 8 at the…

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Nano Day at Northwestern

Nano Day at Northwestern University, March 2006

Nano Day at Northwestern University, March 2006

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Nanotechnology Center for Learning and Teaching (NCLT) is conceived to train a nano science and technology literate workforce that can solve global problems by implementing a three-pronged strategy:

1. Publish integrated STEM instructional modules with nano-based applications;
2. Offer professional training through workshops, lectures and seminars;
3. Develop a network of multi-sector nano education communities.

Nano Workshop Enlightens Area Teachers


MWM in Qatar Al-Bairaq World facebook Connection


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Browse the Online Store to learn more about - and purchase - MWM’s classroom kits that supplement current STEM curricula.

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light Manipulation of Light in the Nanoworld extends the standard topics of wavelength, diffraction, and interference into the nanoscale by introducing. >> View Info Sheet (PDF)

light Can steel burn? What is a nanometer? Does size really matter? As an introduction to the nanoworld, students will learn the answers to these questions and then apply this knowledge to design an exploding liquid geyser. Learn about all these in Intro to the Nanoscale Module. >> View Info Sheet (PDF)

envEnvironmental Catalysis Module focuses on the use of catalysis and nanotechnology to promote environmental protection and introduces the concept of catalysis, including issues such as catalytic selectivity, specificity, poisoning, condition optimization, and waste minimization. >> View info Sheet (PDF)

light Nanotechnology Module helps students to learn about the interesting science that happens at the nanoscale, the tools used by scientists to study objects so small, and the potential applications of discoveries made in nanotechnology.

View Info Sheet (PDF)

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Featured News

NCLT Workshop at Sullivan University School of Pharmacy 2nd Nanotechnology Symposium

  On October 9-10, 2009, NCLT was invited to give two workshops at the Second Annual Nanotechnolog [ ... ]

6th Leadership Institute 2009 - Roberto Clemente Community Academy

View Picture Report View Picture Gallery  

First Alexandria International Tissue Engineering Congress, Alexandria, Egypt, February 13 -16, 2009 (Mar. 2009)

March 30, 2009, NCLT Prof. Teri W. Odom and NCLT-supported graduate student Christina M. Sweeney  [ ... ]

NCLT Hosts Singapore Students Study Group at Northwestern University

On Nov. 13, 2009, NCLT hosted 12 young visitors from a study tour sponsored by the Singapore Ministr [ ... ]

Information Trip to Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Annapolis, MD

On June 11, 2011, NCLT director Professor R.P.H. Chang met the staff of Anne Arundel County Public  [ ... ]

New MWM Modules

solar cells

Nanoscale Drug Delivery

The students will learn how nanotechnology is revolutionizing the approach to drug delivery and medical diagnostics.....

>> Info Sheet

solar cells

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

The students will learn to fabricate an artificial photosynthetic device using nanotechnology and plant pigments....

>> Info Sheet

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