Nano Lessons and Courses
A repository of courses and lessons are available for instructors who want to incorporate NSE into their existing course or desire to create a new course. Each Nanocourse or unit contains an introduction, main concepts, notes, lectures and accompanying homework assignments or in-class activities. All materials on the NanoEd Resource Portal are peer-managed and covered by a creative-commons attribution, non-commercial share-alike type licensing.
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1 Instructional Resources on 3-Dimensional Body Force Carmen M. Lilley, Andy Johnson, Robert Klie, Jim Pellegrino
2 DNA and Models Brenda A López Silva, Marco Bernasconi, John Bell, Raedy Ping, Tom Moher
3 DNA Fingerprinting Activity John Bell, Tom Moher, Brenda Lopez Silva, Marco Bernasconi, Raedy PIng
4 NanoSchoolBox - an experimental kit for schools Matthias Mallmann
5 Introduction to Complex Polymers: Polyelectrolytes and Copolymers Prof. Monica Olvera de la Cruz
6 Nanothermodynamics for Sophomore Thermodynamics Course Unit Prof. Thomas O. Mason
7 LEGO Atomic Force Microscope and Magnetic Force Microscope Nathan A. Unterman
8 Nanotechnology Module Adam D. McFarland, Chisty L. Haynes, Prof. Hilary A. Godwin
9 Manipulation of Light in the Nanoworld Chris Chiaverina, Seng-tiong Ho, Hui Cao, R.P.H. Chang, and Boyang Liu
10 Introduction to the Nanoscale Valerie Maynard, Siu-Hin Wan, Wenhao Sun, Raymond Cantrell, Lizhou Huang, Steven Lu
11 High School Teaching Module using "Macro-AFM" Tom Pittman, Paul Fedoroff
12 Environmental Catalysis Module Intro Alexander G. Agrios, Renee DeWald, Prof. Kimberly A. Gray
13 Apples to Atoms Raymond Cantrell, Lizhou Huang, Steven Lu, Ken Pradel, Wenhao Sun
14 Physics 110-6 Freshman Seminar: Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Prof. Venkat Chandrasekhar
15 Physics 358-0 Nanolithography Prof. Venkat Chandrasekhar
16 Dynamic Optical Magnetism Unit Stephen Rand
17 What Can Electrons Do? - Electron Microscopy Dr. Jian-Guo Zheng
18 Unconventional Patterning at the Nanoscale Prof. Teri W. Odom, Dr. M. Viswanathan and Y. Babayan
19 NanoSense Curriculum Units Patricia Schank, Alyssa Wise, Tina Stanford, Anders Rosenquist
20 Physics of Solids, MSE 405 (Fall 206) Prof. Mark C. Hersam
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