Professional Development and Workshops

NCLT hosts national and international workshops for educators engaged in nanoscale science and engineering education, as well as professional development MWM workshops for teachers.

  • Professional Development   ( 4 Articles )

    This section contains information about professional development, human resource planning, and workshops.


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    The NCLT professional development plan is based on both the National Science Standards and current research. Successful professional development requires:

    1. Learning essential science content through the perspectives and methods of inquiry;
    2. Integrating knowledge of science, learning, pedagogy and students, and applying that knowledge to teaching;
    3. Building understanding and ability for lifelong learning; and
    4. A coherent and integrated program.
    The NCLT Professional Development experience is designed with the following goals:
    1. To provide 7-12 grade science teachers with an enhanced understanding of nanoscience;
    2. To introduce teachers to inquiry-based methods for teaching nanoscience;
    3. To provide 7-12 grade science teachers with a collection of suitable classroom activities;
    4. To assist teachers in developing their own nanoscience activities and projects for classroom use;
    5. To enhance teachers’ awareness of the connections between nanoscience and the traditional sciences of chemistry, physics, biology, earth science, and mathematics.

    If you are interested in hosting a Professional Development at your institution, please email us.

  • College Level Workshops Archive   ( 4 Articles )
    NCLT organizes college level workshops in order to:
    1. encourage the "best practices" for incorporating nanoscience into curriculum and creation of new courses in nanoscience and nanotechnology;
    2. foster the utilization of research-based pedagogical approaches for incorporating nanoscience as well as focusing on incorporating nanoscience concepts and assessment methodologies;
    3. promote exchange of ideas and best practices within the broader NSEE community.

    For more information about upcoming workshops, please contact us.


  • NCLT-sponsored and Related International Workshops   ( 7 Articles )

    This section contains links to international workshops.


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